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Some insight about Andy Peters:

Andy’s passion is to inspire the world with quality entertainment and magic.

Master Mentalist and illusionist, Andy Peters

What is the actual appeal of magic? The fascination comes from the attempt to reconcile something that we have seen. Because from a very early age, we are drawn to the unknown and the impossible. Apart from that, it is the safety of exploring the unknown with a magician that makes it enjoyable. If we were to ever experience something we have been taught to be impossible, it would mess with our senses, but it is the fact that the magic tricks performed by the Bergen county magician are not real, which makes the experience entertaining and enjoyable.

When you consult with a magician for hire Greenwich there is no pressure left on you to be a perfect host. The magician for hire Greenwich carries a wealth of experience in their job and know how to keep adults and children engaged in the party. Party planning can be difficult and have its ups and downs, so you won’t be under the pressure of having to entertain guests when they come in. The only task on your hand will be the management of food, leave the rest to use. The entertainment and your peace of mind will be guaranteed.

Get to know Andy Peters

Andy is a passionate magician who is out to inspire and entertain the world with incredible magic. His mind-reading and illusion tricks cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. During his long journey of becoming a renowned magician, Andy discovered himself and the extensiveness of his passion for magic. Anyone who has ever worked with Andy Peters knows that Andy is not a regular rabbit from the hat magician. Filled with charisma and talent, Andy is an incredible show person who knows how to wow his audience.

Some of the recent performances by Andy as a Bergen County magician includes his audition for “Penn and Teller Fool Us”, the semi-final of Connecticut’s Got Talent, magic shows at the GigSalad and much more. Andy has worked hard and dedicated himself towards his passion for magic and entertainment, and this passion for work is evident in his mind-blowing performances. He inspires and wittily entertains his audience. This has qualified him as the most successful magician for adults Southport and magician for kids Westport.

Benefits of hiring Andy Peters

  • Andy Peters is an exceptionally talented magician with skills of public speaking, mentalism, and much more. While his name, fame, and talent are enough to convince you to hire him. There are many benefits to hiring Andy Peters.
  • Andy accommodates his performance format according to the crowd. A large or a small crowd, nothing is beyond Andy’s skills of engagement.
  • Andy is an expert in covering up lagging times and unwanted mishaps by diverting the attention of the crowd towards himself.
  • Andy specially tailors his performance according to the age group, excitement levels, theme, and interests of his audience.
  • Excellent at product promotions and public speaking with the spark of magic.
  • Andy makes sure that everyone has a memorable night.

Andy is a must-have at any party that you are about to organize now. So if you need excitement, fun, and a jolly good time at your party, hire Andy Peters now.

“I saw Andy Peter’s magic show at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, and I was blown away. Not only is his magic fantastic, but he also has amazing comedic abilities. Hire him, you will not be disappointed!”

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