Walk-around Magician

Andy Peters – Walk Around Magician That Will Win The Hearts Of Your Guests

Magic has become one of the most popular and world-class forms of entertainment. Nowadays, you can see magic everywhere, from TV shows to corporate parties and children’s birthdays, so it becomes impossible not to love it. There are many kinds of magic. Walk around magician is versatile for you and amazing for your guests. If you’re planning to organize a wonderful party, then Best Magician Springdale, Stamford Andy Peters provides the perfect entertainment for open-house events like holiday parties, trade shows, carnivals and family events.

     Super entertaining! Hired Andy for my niece’s 10th birthday party. Andy had everyone entertained. The adults and the kids. My niece said it was the best birthday surprise anyone could have ever gotten her.

– J. Late  //  google Client

A magician pulls a rabbit from a hat, and actors pull truth from fiction. Mia Goth

How Strolling Magic Works

If your guests are seated, Andy gives each table their mini-show. If guests are mingling, then Andy will mingle with them. Each crowd will get their own magical experience… no stage required!

The Perfect Ice-Breaker

Andy gets everyone involved in the fun and creates energy and excitement after a long day

Make The Buffet Line FUN!

Worried about long lines at the buffet or the bar? Andy will fix that for you. 
 He turns “standing in line” into a memorable experience!

Turn Cocktail Hour Into Social Hour

After meeting Andy, your guests won’t be talking about the weather! This is the perfect conversation starter, long after the magic has ended.

Show Them You Care

Even the best hosts can’t be everywhere at once. Andy provides a personal touch that shows your guests that they’re valued and appreciated.

Andy Peters – Walk Around Magician For Your Private & Corporate Parties

Have you ever been to a party where guests are not mingling and laughing? Or in any event where guests are standing around sipping beverages with nothing to do? Surely, you will never organize such kind of party for your guests. With a lot of audience participation, Andy Peters will make your event truly magical. Corporate Magician Darien keeps guest charmed and motivated no matter what age they are; after all, everyone loves magic.
Andy Peters as professional Strolling Magician West Hartford will deliver a humorous, full of fun, astonishing and truly interactive show that can be adapted to any size audience and venue.

Andy Peters Best Magician Stamford perform the seemingly impossible with the flair and skill using natural means that make many people wonder ‘how did he do that? If you are looking for a magician, not just magic tricks – but entertainment that your guests will remember for a lifetime, then no one suits better than Andy Peters. Hire Andy Peters and let the guest enjoy a marvelous performance.