When it comes to organizing a successful trade show, you might be thinking of spending all your budget on marketing and posters, but what if we tell you that a magician can be the only person you need to achieve success at a trade show. Andy is an incredibly talented and creative Magician that will memorably carry your company’s message. He will make an extraordinary blend of entertainment and your brand’s message.

Here is what the Best Corporate Magician Stamford – Andy Peters can do for you at a trade show.


Andy Peters Can Impress The Attendees

During a trade show, every company is competing to gain the attention of potential customers. If you only use posters and marketing materials to get people’s attention, it would not be enough.  Andy Peters will help you stand out from your competitors. Andy invokes the feeling of wonder and awe in your audience to attract them towards the product or service you are selling.

Higher Retention Rates

Because the attendees will be having fun, the various parts of their brain will work simultaneously to increase the retention rates. The reason behind this logic is that the magician helps in inducing a learning state in their mind by creating an environment of great fun. Whatever the salesperson tells the crowd in those moments will be most likely remembered and understood easily.

An Interactive Close-Up Magic Show By Andy Peters

Andy Peters is an expert in engaging and interacting with his audience. He invites the attendees to participate in the tricks. People like feeling a part of something, so they tend to want to join the crowd when close-up magician Andy Peters performs. While few people might be watching from afar, most would prefer to be at the heart of the show. The magic show by Andy will lure a crowd together into a social environment where everyone is having fun.

“The art of a magician is to create wonder. If we live in the sense of wonder, our lives become filled with joy – Doug Henning.”

Andy Peters, The Best Corporate Magician Stamford

Andy Peters is hands down the best Corporate Magician in Stamford and Fairfield. The most significant benefit of hiring Andy Peters to perform at your trade show is that Andy tailors his show according to the needs and desires of his client. The show will be adapted by Andy to entertain, engage, and promote your product or services at the same time. If you need more details about trade show entertainment and other services provided by Andy Peters, contact Andy Peters Magic now.