Stamford Magician Becomes First Entertainer in the World to Accept Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and Tron for Payment

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A Magician from Stamford, Connecticut, Andy Peters has announced that he will now accept payment for Magic via the crypto currencies Bitcoin, Ripple, and Tron. Andy is the first Magician and Entertainer in the World to accept Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and Tron for Magic. 

When asked why, he is accepting crypto currencies for Magic Andy said, “I am known within the Magic Community as a Zeitgeist, I often see trends first. I feel that digital currencies are good for Magic. They are our future.” There are very few businesses that accept Bitcoin and there are even less that accept Ripple and Tron. By accepting these currencies for entertainment Andy is giving the buyer a new area to spend their crypto currencies, for entertainment, and attracting a new clientele.

Andy believes in the value of crypto currencies, as they will gradually go up over time. A show that you got paid for with $500 in Bitcoin or Ether might be worth $2,000 two years from now.  Just think about how many more illusions a Magician could build and how many Magic tours he or she could do. 

When asked why Andy is accepting Ripple as well as Tron Andy said, “The altcoins Tron and Ripple have a much larger upside than Bitcoin, if anyone wants to retire in two years from now, invest in Tron and Ripple.” Andy is known for his predictions, especially at his shows.  Andy believes that the richest person in the world will soon be a Crypto Billionaire.  Andy also believes that the first Trillionaire in world will be a crypto investor. It’s probably going to be Jeff Bezos or Jack Ma, both own retail companies that will soon be using Crypto currencies.  

Andy is known for making his own illusions. You can’t see them anywhere else.  Andy is known for his charm and personality.  He entertains audiences of all ages. You can follow his Magic online on Instagram or Twitter. Andy performs all around the world.  If any crypto traders or Magic Enthusiast are interested in hiring him, check out his website or call / text him at 646-389-0303.

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