Have a mighty good time at your Private Parties with Andy Peters

Private parties are all the rage when any public holiday is ahead or a family-centered event is approaching. May it be a Christmas party, an Easter gathering, an anniversary, a family lunch, or a wedding reception. The guests come to the party expecting a fun and entertaining time with the family. So if you thought that food and drinks would suffice, we are sorry to tell you that you are wrong. Every gathering and party must have some entertaining activities designed for every age group present to engage them and make sure that they have a good time.


While music and dancing seem like a good idea, a unique twist to the event will surely make the day memorable for everyone. Hire a magician to perform a magic show for families Granby at the event. The magician for families makes sure that they engage and interact with each and every age group during their performance. This ensures that everyone has a mighty good time and leaves with a smile on their face. The best magician for families Old Greenwich is Andy Peters, who has been performing as a professional magician in private parties for about twenty years. He has been rated the best magician Springdale, Stamford due to his outstanding performances at the private parties.

Benefits of hiring the Best Magician Springdale, Stamford- Andy Peters


If you have an upcoming private party to organize and want to make it unique and memorable for everyone involved, hiring the best magician Springdale, Stamford will be a good idea. There are many benefits of hiring a magician for families Old Greenwich. Some of them are:


  • The guests would never get bored during the magic show for families Granby.
  • You can cover the unexpected lagging time with the help of Andy Peters
  • If the chef is taking too long, the magic show by Andy Peters will keep the guests occupied.
  • Provides the perfect ice-breaker for the guests.
  • Unique twist to traditional party entertainment.
  • Andy Peters will make the event memorable for everyone.
  • Clean and age-appropriate entertainment for every age group at the party.
  • Hiring Andy Peters to perform will give you satisfactory results.
  • Affordable source of entertainment for the party.
  • Andy provides face-painting and balloon twisting services to entertain the children present at the event.
  • Multiple formats of performance.

Hiring Andy Peters, the best magician Springdale, Stamford is the best choice you can make while organizing a party. Specializing in sleight of hand, mentalism, and illusion tricks, Andy will make his performance look like a work of art. The performance of Andy Peters will make sure that the attendees have a fun night of wonder and surprises. They will wonder about his tricks for days to come. Your party will become the most memorable event of the years and because of Andy Peters, you will be known as the star host.