Dalzell Magic

Andy is the inventor of Dalzell Magic, which is Magic done for large crowds of people. Dalzell is Andy’s middle name and it means “I Dare” in Scottish.

Dalzell Magic is a type of Magic that can be done for thousands of participants at once.  Andy is working on breaking the current world record in the Guinness book of World Records for the Magic Trick with the most participants. The current record is 8,500 people.  It is Andy’s dream to do a Magic illusion with over 100,000 people.

In true Dalzell Magic, there is no end to the Magic.  The Magic starts the second it commences.  When the Magic begins, it is very faint and is almost not even noticeable. The closer the Magic gets to the desired result, the stronger and more noticeable the power of the Magic.

As long as the message of love is honored upon the completion of the desired result, the Dalzell Magic will never end. It will get stronger and stronger as years go by. People will say, “Remember the time when we saw Andy Peters do that Magic trick?  That was real Magic.”