Hire Award-Winning Magician & illusionist Andy Peters To Make Your Corporate Event MEMORABLE!


If you are looking for an amazing entertainer for your next corporate event, then you need to be speaking to Andy Peters. His prestidigitation, magic, and amazing illusions will have your guests at your event gasping in astonishment. Andy Peters has a vast expanse of illusions that he will call upon to make your event the talk of the town.

As a Corporate Magician NYC – Andy Peters is the perfect choice for uplifting the atmosphere of the crowd and creating enthusiasm and energy in the audience. Andy’s interaction with the audience during his brilliant magic show keeps you guests on the edge of their seats. He makes the guests feel as if they are a part of something big. This feeling makes the event memorable for for your employees. As one of the top comedy magicians and illusionists on the East Coast, Andy Peters, fills the audience with endless laughter.

Engage Your Honorable Guests With A Magic Show


As a Corporate Magician Greenwich – Andy Peters will ensure that your employees are never bored at your event.  He will entertain them with an exciting and fascinating magic show and walk-around Magic that will leave everyone’s jaw dropped. With a stage show, Andy will remain the center of the audience’s attention and keep your employees fully engaged with his Magic. In the case of a smaller more disbursed crowd, Andy will walk around and perform close-up magic literally in the palm of their hands.

Keep Employees Smiling And Having Fun At Your Corporate Event!


Business owners usually organize a corporate event in an attempt to have their employees bond together and create mutual alignment. Sometimes the activities at the event are designed to motivate and educate them, but most of all, it is hard to to find activities that will make the event entertaining and memorable for all. The wonder & drama of  Andy’s magic creates a strong psychological & emotional bond with your audience. For these reasons, event organizers hire Corporate Magician NYC – Andy Peters. 

Andy Peters- The Best Corporate Magician


Finding a quality entertainer who will bring to the audience new types of entertainment is hard, but Andy Peters is ranked the Best Magician Greenwich, CT and is the best choice for your next corporate event. The close-up magic performed by Andy Peters at corporate events serves as the perfect ice-breakers and conversation starters between colleagues who do not know each other well. You never know, you might even land your next big business deal this way. Having contributed his talent to numerous events, parties, trade shows, product launches, hotels, and clubs for over twenty years now, Andy has become a famous corporate magician in the entertainement industry. It is an excellent decision to hire Andy Peters, as he is also skilled in creating custom product promotion, which is a huge benefit when it comes to corporate product launch events.