Strolling Magician NYC


About Me

I am Andy Peters, the top-rated, full time, and professional Magician in Connecticut. I have been performing as a magician, entertainer, and a public speaker for about twenty years now. As an international performer, I had the honor of performing all over America and in many other countries.

Magic became my passion at a very young age. I am the inventor of Dalzell magic, the kind of illusion that is performed on a crowd of hundreds of people at once. Dalzell is my middle name, which means “I dare” in Scottish, the question is, do you? It is my lifelong dream to perform Dalzell magic on 100,000 people at once and create a Guinness World Record. I am slowly, but steadily working to make my dream come true. For me, magic has always been a source of inspiration and amazement. The best factor about my magic is that it allows the observer to actively participate in the wonders of magic, which ends with a special effect upon them. My passion to be a good magician increases day by day and I am truly honored to have the opportunity to work the job I love the most.

My achievements include being rated #1 magician by Google in New England and Connecticut. I am 100% insured by the Philadelphia Insurance Company and rated a five-star magician in Connecticut and Stamford. I have the honor to be one of the most followed magicians on Instagram and get known to be the Best magician Connecticut because of my outstanding performance in Connecticut’s Got Talent semi-finals.

As a top performer on GigSalad, I was recognized to be the best magician Stamford and further had the honor to perform at the world-famous Magic Castle. Apart from being a magician, I also excel as a toastmaster and happen to be the only magician in the world who performs public speaking. Apart from that, I also perform magic shows at Second Town, a well-known comedy cluster in Chicago. I also happen to be the resident magician of the Springdale Athletic Club in Stamford

Because I am a full-service magician, I perform magic shows for corporate events, kid’s parties, private parties, weddings, and much more. I manage and book my shows and accept payments from Bitcoin, Ripple, Ether, and Tron. I would say the reason I was fully recognized as the best magician Stamford is that I practice and create white magic illusions,

My Ultimate Mission

My mission in career is to provide brilliant and refreshing entertainment in the form of mystifying magic to fulfill the human need for social entertainment. I aim to maintain the highest level of professionalism at my work and complete work ethics in my dealings with the clients. So if you are looking to hire a magician that will wow your audience with humor and an incredible display of magic, I guarantee that you would get what you bargained for in the shape of an outstanding environment of fun, humor, and magic.